I will be posting updates on software and stuff on the main blog, but I will keep this as a central place to download software.  All current software is written in Python, and should be cross platform(where appropriate).  I can only test my software on Linux, so if there are any OS specific bugs please let me know.

What you need:

  • Python 2.5.2(Other versions not tested, let me know if they work)
  • TouchPy
  • PyGame/PyGlet/Rabbyt – I use different graphic libraries for different programs, but I use Rabbyt almost universally
  • A TUIO Provider(TouchLib, tbeta, TUIO Simulator, etc)

To run a program:

In each program there will be a file.  This is the one you want to execute.

Linux/Unix/Mac OS:

cd /dir/that/the/program/files/are/in

python ./

I haven’t the slightest idea how to run a Python program on Windows, but I think you can right click and say “Run”



tPhysics Source Code


tPhysics is a 2D Real-Time Physics Sandbox written in Python that supports Multi-Touch interaction.

How To Use


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