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New Project: Sugar Development

OLPC XO-1 Laptop

I read rms’s post here about saving the OLPC from windows, so I have decided to help. I do not think we need to have more UMPC-ish laptops switching to proprietary bases(EEEPC already starting to leave Linux behind), and we don’t want to teach people that have never used a computer before to start with(or EVER use) proprietary software. I have decided to contribute to the Sugar project, which is the Graphical Interface that the XO runs. Its based on DBUS and Gtk, written in 100% pure Python. For now I am just fixing bugs, so I can get familiar with the code base, but in the future I hope to start writing some useful applications for it. You can see the bugs I am currently working on here. I am known as xelapond both on the Trac system and the #sugar IRC channel on As of this post I am working on bug #3659, as well as learning python-dbus and PyGtk along the way.