New Table Design

When I first started this blog I had little idea how Multi-Touch worked, and what was practical and within bounds of readily available technology.  I originally intended to make a large(40 Inch) Rear-Projection DI Table, which through many mistakes and decisions, has now turned into a rear-projection LLP Table.  Unfortunately, my projector bulb recently died, killing this table, and as of current I have a front LLP setup on uding old 17 Inch monitor.  This setup, while it does work pretty well, has some major disadvantages.  The lasers have to be pointing away from the camera(so they don’t appear as blobs), thus illumination can only come from one side.  This causes really bad occlusions, making Multi-User interaction nearly impossible(aside from that fact that it is on a 17 Inch 5:4 monitor).

I came across the LumenLab database of monitors a few days ago, and my 17 Inch Monitor(Samsung 712N) was on the list of those that didn’t have FCC Issues, so I figured I would give it a go at taking it apart and mounting the camera behind it.  If it turns out to work well I might make a nice box for it.

Taking apart this monitor was amazing, and I _HIGHLY_ recommend it for anyone trying to find a small monitor to take apart for such a project.  It is amazing how high quality and easy to take apart it was built, its almost like they took us into consideration when they designed it!  Ill post a more details description with pictures later(once I take some:)).


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