I got a projector(+ Image warping)!

I was searching around Craigslist for a broken projector(read: working projector with dead bulb) so I could hack a different bulb into it, and not pay $400 for a $6 bulb.  I found one, a Proxima DP6850.  Its a really nice projector, 1024×768(1280×1024 max), Digital Keystoning and Zoom, two RGB inputs, S-Video, and built in speakers.  The only places it lacks are brightness(1500 lumens) and Bulb Life(1500 Hours).  Bulb life didn’t really matter to me, and I figured it would probably be brighter if I go sticking a huge metal halide bulb in there.  It is circa-2000, and retailed for $8500.  The Craigslist seller wanted $75 for it, so I figured I really had nothing to lose, and if it didn’t work at all at least I would end up with a lot of good lenses and LCD filters.

I bought it this morning, only to arrive home and find out the bulb works!  I don’t know how much longer it will last, so I am going to wait until I am ready to mount it in my table to play with it(excluding the image warping).

A while ago I saw that openFrameworks demo where he uses openGl shaders to warp a playing video onto a white board.  I could not find the code anywhere, so I used “The GIMP” to Perspective Transform an image.  I achieved the same effect, and was able to get a picture of the earth onto a piece of paper.  Video below:


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  1. David on

    I have the same projector. I would be interested to know how your bulb hack turns out.

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