New idea for Desktop Replacement

I(and a few others) have been thinking about what to do with the desktop in multi-touch tables.  It is not optimal, because of small buttons, requirement for a second button on the mouse, and has a sense of direction(there is a defined up and down).  I was thinking, what if we threw all the stuff you would normal have on your[Linux] desktop on a big ZUI plane.  That way, objects(Text documents, code, pictures) would represent themselves as their content, so pictures would be the pictures they are, and you could manipulate them just like they were in the PhotoApp, rotating and zooming with Gestures.  It would get crowded, so I though if you could just circle a bunch if they would stack up, you could have a pretty cool interface. A demo of the stacking is below, its entirely random.  It seams to work pretty well, so I am going to take this further with real pictures, apps, widgets, and some other sorting/searching methods(grid, line, flow). Here is a discussion on NUIgroup about WIMP and how it doesn’t work for multi-touch.

Also, I’m sorry for not commenting the code. If you have any questions about the code just leave a question in the comments, and Ill probably get back to you within a day.
At the moment the code is _really_ messy, but here is is for anyone that wants it.  I will be cleaning it up later, this is just something I hacked up in a few minutes to see if it would work.  You will need Python, PyGame and Rabbyt if you want to run it.  Here is the code link.

NOTE:  Without the desktop record app(gtk-recordmydesktop) there was zero lag, even on my crappy graphics card(NVidia 7300) and 100 items.


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  1. thomas on

    hey there!!! glad to hear about your projects, good code too… thanks for some good linkage too especially about compiz, etc

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