Multi-Touch Update: Found the problem

I figured out what was wrong with my Multi-Touch Box.  Due to the large dimensions of it, I only had about half the illumination I needed.  That rather bothers me, because I don’t really want to spend another two days just soldering LEDs.  So I found a better solution;)

There is another Multi-Touch Method that I have not talked about before.  It is called LLP(Laser Light Plane).  Basically, you put one infrared laser in each corner of the screen, pointing straign up.  You then put a line lens above each laser.  Line lenses take a dot and scatter it into a solid line.  This is then projected over the entire suface.  The goal is to get this plane as close to the actual surface as possible(on the top).  Then, when you touch it the light is scattered downward, and picked up by a camera.

I ordered four Infrared 10mW 780nm Lasers and four 120 Degree Line Lenses from, for a total of $38.  I should be receiving them by Friday.  Ill post my success(or failure) then, with some videos if it worked.


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  1. Riley Dutton on

    I’m really interested to see how the LLP stuff works out for you! If it works well, it would be sooo much easier than DI or FTIR, no more worrying about getting even lighting, and it would be completely zero-force sensitive!

    Let me know how it goes for sure!

    And also, if you wouldn’t mind, could you post exactly what items you ordered from with links so I could duplicate your success when it occurs? 🙂

  2. xelapondsstuff on

    I am excited as well. It could allow a whole new area for multi touch stuff, considering lasers are small and require not throw. Its certainly cheaper then most DI or FTIR setups, and is much easier to calibrate. Several people have been speculating that the 780nm lasers would have a red tint to them. I have not tried yet, still waiting for my IR goggles.

    I will keep updating here. Look for posts tomorrow or Monday, depending on when my goggles arrive.

    Thanks for being positive:) Positive thoughts help everyone. Here are the parts I got from Aixiz, in the bottom of this post:

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