Multi-Touch Update: Still moving along…

Yeah, I’m still working on it.  The LEDs turn on, but still no blobs.  I think my IR filter is too blocking.  I will be trying the exposed film method tomorrow, probably.

With respect to software, nuiman of Nui Group has asked me to take over the Python fork of Lux.  For those of you that don’t know what either of those are, NUI is a community of people building these screens, and Lux is a Multi-Touch framework.  For more information about Lux, read hereHere is a preview the flash version of Lux running.  This is the one that Nuiman wrote, not me.  The flash version should be done sometime late July.  I do not know when the Python version will be done.  If you can help(or if you are just plain interested, everyone is welcome, not only programmers) stop by at #python-lux on  If you want to contribute, see me there, or PM me on the NUI Group Forums.


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