Rotary Auction!

Saturday was the Rotary Auction.  It was a ton of fun.  For those of you that don’t know what it is, the local Rotary Club has a big Auction/Rummage Sale every year.  They raise money for the community, last year they made something like $220,000.  They have not released the figures for this year.  Anyway, people from all over Washington come to buy and donate stuff.  They have everything from vintage pinball machines, to every rug you have probably ever seen, to the biggest box of computer mice you will ever see.  The best part however, was dumpster diving.  They had 11 gigantic cardboard boxes filled with old computer hardware.  I got a couple good video cables(VGA, Component), a ton of Parallel and Serial cables, with sockets, and a bunch of IC’s I desocketed from old motherboards.  I also harvested a few power supplies.  You can never have enough of those when it comes to powering projects.

In total I spent $22, and got a bunch of good stuff:

  • 5 Inch LCD Meant to be mounted under a kitchen cabinet
  • Internal DVD-RW Drive, PATA
  • An external USB CD Writer, which has been converted to an external IDE enclosure
  • A Bay Networks BayStack 250 10/100 Network Hub
  • An Intel USB Webcam
  • A couble USB Mice
  • An old dead IBM Thinkpad, just for harvesting the TrackPoint

The best find was a box of old IC’s from Sinclair Corporation.  There are probably hundreds of dollars in IC’s and breadboards, and the whole box was only $5.  There are a bunch of 7400’s, some 4000’s, a couple Intel 8085’s and 8255’s, and some stuff I had never heard of.  The box was shipped April 1982, so the IC’s are even older.  There are also a total of 7 breadboards.  And, each IC had its datasheet in the bottom, printed out.


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