Contruction has begun!

I started the construction of the table in which I will place everything. The screen will end up being 22×30 inches, with 1/4 inch acrylic and Rosco rear projection grey. The entire table it going to be 34x24x16, with 1 1/2 inch trim around all of the sides and a 5 inch overhang to put a keyboard, or anything else you do not want to be tracked. The sides will be covered with Black foam baord, to preserve the DI effect. They will be magnetically attached to the rest of the box for easy removal. The structure will be built out of wood 2×2’s, with all visible parts out of clear fur trim.

I have all of the peices cut and sanded, ready to be put together. I have not actually put them together yet because I plan on using a buiscuit joiner, which I do not know how to operate at the moment(WikiHow to the rescue!). Ill post some more pics of my progress tomorrow night. Until then here are some pictures.


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